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MARBURG: 35037 Hesse (Gerz)
Der Friedhof der Marburger juden von Axel Erdmann/ Marburg: 1985. p. [4] 1 illus. 20 x 21 cm. (In Studier' mal Marburg, Nov. 1985) ID # GT 325 M37 E7 Source: LBI
Cemetery list. Source: LBI Marburg map showing location of cemetery.
To enter the cemetery, obtain the key at "Amt fuer Gruenflaesher und Naturshuts", which is at Octerhauser Alle 15, Marburg. Call: 06421/201704 or 06421/201705 or 6 and ask for Mr. Fuller or Hakenbrink. To get to the above location from the Autobahn B3, follow UniversitaetStrasse W. It will become Octerhause Alle. 15 is on the right. The cemetery itself is then east of B3. Once you cross B3, the name of the street becomes Schumacher Bruecke. Cross B3 and then the railroad track and the cemetery is immediately on the left. There is a small driveway by the stoplight. Go or park nearby. The gate sticks. Push hard. There is a burial house with a memorial plaque for those who died in WWII. There are about 400-500 tombstones, most still upright. Some are in great shape, some awful. The front section, which is still used, is the only one mowed; the rest has tall grass. Inscriptions are in Hebrew and German. You must also return the key. Source: Arline Sachs, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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