LICHENROTH: 63633 Hesse (now Birstein)
Used the cemetery at Birstein 1769-1936. Source: Kommission fuer die Geschichte der Juden in Hessen submitted by Harmut Heinemann of the Commission.
  • Cemetery of BIRSTEIN - LICHENROTH 63633 Hesse
    DISTRICT: Main-Kinzig
    CEMETERY LOCATION: COORDINATES: Latitude: 50.39238 / Longitude: 9.31481
    IN USE: from 1740 until 1936
    CEMETERY AREA: 44 acres
    • History, Kommission für die Geschichte der Juden in Hessen by Harmut Heinemann; Hessisches Landesamt für geschichtliche Landeskunde in Marburg: Dokumentation der jüdischen Friedhöfe in Hessen - available online
    COMMENTS: The cemetery is believed to have been established during the first half of the 18th century. In the oldest, downwards sloping part of the cemetery, gravestones dating back to 1740 can still be seen. This cemetery was used by the Jewish communities of the villages of Unterreichenbach, Hellstein, Lichenroth, Kirchbracht, Fischborn, Schlierbach and others.
    SOURCE: Alemannia Judaica [translated from German November 2007]