LANGENHAIN 65719 Hessen, part of WALLAU
     incorporated into HOFHEIM in Taunus 1973 DISTRICT: Main-Taunus
CEMETERY LOCATION: north-east of village on the right of Langenhainer Strasse - close to a tennis and squash venue
COORDINATES: Latitude: 50.106336 / Longitude: 8.39851
IN USE: : from 1st half of 18th century until 1940
     In the middle of the cemetary is a memorial dedicated to the Jewish Fallen of WW1 as well as a memorial for the 34 Jews murdered buring the Nazi period
DOCUMENTATION: register of graves from 1738 until 1940
  • History by the "Commission for the History of the Jews in Hesse" and the State Office for Regional Studies in Marburg: "Documentation of Jewish cemeteries in Hessen by by Harmut Heinemann
COMMENTS: In spite of vandalism and destruction during the Nazi period, the old part of the cemetery still shows gravestone dating back to the 17th century. The new part of the cemetery started to be used from about 1842 onwards
[translated from German November 2007]