GROSS-GERAU: 64521 Hesse.
SOURCE: Gerz and Peters.
DISTRICT: Gross-Gerau.
  • 1. Middle Ages cemetery: from around 1300 A.D. along the Berliner Strasse between the Grüner Weg and Hermann-Löns-Strasse. Now empty.
  • 2. Old cemetery: from 1632 was in front of the town moat which is now in the area between Darmstädter - and Berliner Strasse. Enlarged in 648, 1659, 1703 and was closed in 1892. The City council ordered the Jewish community in November 1936 to exhume the deceased and re-bury them in a mass grave in the new Jewish cemetery. This cemetery is also empty. A commemorative plaque is now the only reminder of its former existence and the reburial.
  • 3. New cemetery: from 1841 close to the swimming pool on Theodor-Heuss-Strasse.
IN USE: from 1841 until 1938 and probably later.
  • The first recorded vandalism occurred in the spring of 1887 and again in the spring of 1909. This cemetery was in use until 1938, when it was desecrated; the commemorative plaque in honour of the Jewish soldiers who died in WW1 was destroyed. After 1945, the City had two commemorative plaques fixed: one to replace that honoured the fallen Jewish soldiers of WW1 and another to commemorate the city’s Jewish inhabitants who lost their lives during the Nazi era. The latter was defaced in November 1953. In 1963 youths uprooted 37 gravestones.
Source: Alemannia Judaica.
[Researched and translated from German January 2008]