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DIEBURG: 64807 Hesse

(names from 1922- 1948 only): Located north of Dieburg in the angle through which the train goes. The entrance is on the road to Muenster. It is over a hectare in size with more than 1,000 graves. The oldest part is the S area, nearest Dieburg. The oldest stones date from the early 1700s and are made of sandstone. City records show older burials in the Dieburg cemetery; and it is therefore assumed that those sank. Additions to the cemetery were made in 1816 and again in 1830. After this time not all stones are in Hebrew. Around 1940, many stones were moved to a Fechenbach castle. After the war, they were brought back. Since the exact location of the graves was unknown, the stones were lined up along the E wall. A pyramid was made of unreadable stones and fragments. Around 1982, all loose stones were laid down face up. Starting in 1990, these were again erected. This work was not yet complete in 1993. The entrance also is being renovated. The cemetery also was used by: Gross-Zimmern, Gundernhausen, Rossdorf, Ober-Ramstadt, Zeilhard, Georgenhausen, Spachbruechken, Reinheim, Ueberau, Gross-Biberau, Lengfeld, Semd, Gross-Umstadt, Klein-Umstadt, Raibach, habitzheim, Ober-Klingen, Messel, Eppertshausen, Muenster, and Urberach. Prof Dr. E. G. Franz, Hessesiches Staatsarchiv Darmstadt, Karolinenplatz 3 64289 Darmstadt is working on inventory of the older stones. This work should be completed (1997). Source: Dr. Franz and Beitraege zur Geschichte dur Juden in Dieburg, Dieburg, 1993 [1996]



"The cemetery for this region (Dieburg + 27 villages) east of Darmstadt is described in detail in the book "Der juedische Friedhof in Dieburg " by E.G.Franz and Ch.Wiesner (2009). The publication has a long historical introduction, many photos and a catalog of all inscriptions." Source:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [February 2015]

From Leo Baeck Institute online catalog:

[February 2015]


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