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  • Photos of cemetery, Bergstrasse; Jewish community collection at Leo Baeck Institute: Second floor; Donors: Kurt O. Kauffmann, 1969. Size of the collection: 7 items; Accession Number(s): AR 3568. Cemetery has 2,125 gravestones and was used in 1615 and then from 1682-1940.
  • Cemetery: The data contains "last place of residence" information; for this project it is assumed that the person died there. The following is an exerpt of the "By-laws of the Israelite Cemetery Association of Alsbach, 1881": "The above Association consists of the following Jewish congregations: Alsbach, with Bickenbach, Haemnlein and Jugenheim, Auerbach with Schwanheim, Bensheim, Biblis, Buerstadt, Gross-Rohrheim, Lorsch with Gross- & Klein-Hausen, Reichenbach with Elmshausen, Seeheim, Zwingenberg, all of county Bensheim, Eberstadt, Pfungstadt with Hahn & Eschollbruecken, all of county Darmstadt, Gernsheim of county Gross-Gerau, Heppenheim of county Heppenheim. In addition, the following members who bought plots from Hofheim: the widow of Benedict Laufer Alsenz: Rheinpfalz." Source: Kurt Schubert, Marburg, Germany in May 1983, with additions by Edgar Braun
  • Old Cemetery: Opened in 1710, this 1670 sq. m. plot next to the new cemetery is owned and maintained by the Jewish congregation of the town. Plat Nr. 899. Source: Ernest B. Nathan with permission from Juedische Kultusgemeinde der Rheinpfalz.
  • New Cemetery: This 920 sq. m. cemetery, opened in 1905, is owned and maintained by the Jewish congregation of the town. Plat Nr. 898 1/2. (Source: Ernest B. Nathan, who received permission from Juedische Kultusgemeinde der Rheinpfalz to donate its data.) Salomon Nordheimer from Nordheim: Loeb Otterberg, and Abraham Ross from Biebesheim: Isaak Frankfurter, Loeb Frankfurter, Heium Frankfurter, Jonas Mayer from Crumstadt: Abraham Bruchfeld, Josua Bruchfeld, Lazarus Bruchfeld (I), Lazarus Bruchfeld (II), Loeb Bruchfeld, Moses Bruchfeld, Wolf Abramam Bruchfeld, Joseph Bruchfeld, Moses Jaidel (widower), Salomon Meyer, Seligmann Morgenthau and Gottschalk Morgenthau from Stockstadt: Wolf Bruchfeld and David Gutjahr [Note: unidentified as of July 2000]
  • "When you visit the cemetery in Alsbach, be certain to ask to purchase the fantastic book der juedische Friedhof in Alsbach an der Bergstrasse by Hartmut Heinemann & Christa Wiesner. It is written in German but does have an English summary at the back. The cemetery was founded in 1616 and still holds tombstones that date from 1682 to the 1940s. There is a huge foldout map of the cemetery in a back pocket of this hardbound book. In addition, it contains a translation of 2124 headstones in German and from Hebrew into German. A detailed history (in German) of the cemetery and Jewish communities, community leaders is included. It includes notations of cities where they lived, etc. The headstones are indexed by their location in the cemetery. This makes it easy to find them on site but requires going through each citation in the book. Several years ago I saw a huge number of the books in a cupboard in the office. They were required to purchase a large number of the production run and they still had a large number of copies. A loose leaf binder with all the information is in the office and it is a print out of the contents of the book. I was able to find a number of family members of my Heymann/Haimann/Chajim family from the entries in the book." Source: Fran Luebke, Brookfield, Wisconsin [22 July 2008]
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