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Alternate names: Zákynthos [Grk], Zante [Ital, Eng], Zacinto, Zákinthos, Zanthe

"The miraculous story of the Jews of Zakynthos" in Jerusalem Post.


  • Source: ": In 1953, a severe earthquate struck the Ionian Islands and destroyed the entire Jewish presence in Zakynthos. The cemetery includes some interesting tombstones dating back to the 15th century. No Jews have lived on Zakynthos since the earthquake. ... 9,667 sq. m." Synagogue remains: [January 2001]
  • The cemetery has "the star of David on the little black gate.........It is a huge cemetery containing hundreds of graves from the 16th century up until 1955." During World War II, the entire Jewish population of the island (then numbering 275 souls) had been saved from the Nazis by the intervention and heroism of the local bishop, Bishop Chrysostomos, and the Mayor Karrer. Since then the community dwindled, primarily as a result of emigration to Israel or moving to Athens, "In August 1953, the island was struck by a severe earthquake and the entire Jewish quarter, including two syanagogues, was destroyed." "In March 1982, the last remaining Jew, Ermandos Mordos, died and is buried in Athens." "In 1992, on the site where the Sephardic synagogue stood before the earthquake, the Board of Jewish Communities in Greece erected two marble memorial monuments as a tribute to the bishop and mayor." Source: article "The miraculous story of the Jews of Zakynthos" by Leora Goldberg, Jerusalem Post, December 13, 2009 [December 2009]
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