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Jewish tombstones on the small Greek island of Chios date from 1543. [Source?]
Galant, Abraham. Histoire des Juifs de Rhodes, Chio, Cos etc. Istanbul: Soci Anonyme de Papeterie et d'Imprimerie (Fratelli Haim), 1935. "The Jewish museum in Athens, as well as the Chios Byzantine Museum have some relics ... many of the tombstones for the former Jewish cemetery, but nothing more. Turkey gave the cemetery to the Jews of Chios in 1823, but by 1923 most of the Jews had left the island, and the cemetery was abandoned. During WWII many of the stones were removed and used as building material, however considerable number of them still remained. In 1957, the stones were presented to the Chios museum by the chief Rabbi of Athens." See website for more information and photographs. [September 2000]

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