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CHAKLIS (ISLAND OF EUBEA) PDF Print E-mail [January 2001]       "...the island of Euvoia, about 100 km. northeast of Athens. ... the Jewish community has existed there for 2,000 years without interruption. Today, the community is comprised of about ten people. Prior to the German occupation, there were 325 Jewish inhabitants. The Jewish Quarter of the walled city of Chalkis is east and south of the synagogue, which is located at #27 Kotsou Street. After 1945, most Jewish survivors moved elsewhere in the city. Most of the Jewish property adjacent to the synagogue was sold. The synagogue has existed for 1,500 years and has been destroyed and rebuilt at least six times. The synagogue is in basilica form, with six marble columns forming a nave and two aisles. The long axis is oriented east-west, with the ehal facing east. A number of the funerary inscriptions are attached to the outer walls of the synagogue. These were apparently plundered from a cemetery and used as building material for the fortification of Chalkis erected by the Venetians. When these fortifications were dismantled early in this century the inscribed stones were given to the Jewish community. ... The cemetery is on Mesapion Street with graves dating back to the Ottoman period. Source: (also see photo) [October 2000]

In the Chaklis synagogue on Kotsou Street (rebuilt on its original foundation in 1849), the wall itself contains tombstones removed from the ancient cemetery. The ancient Jewish cemetery holds 1,200-year-old tombstones that were desecrated by vandals throughout the ages. A protective wall was built in 1897. Tombstone inscriptions in the cemetery go back more than fifteen centuries. [source?]

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