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(German: Orthal) Le cimetière juif (Orthal): In 1784, letters of patent from King Louis XVI and a decree of the Sovereign Council of Alsace, a "Count general des Juifs tolerated in the Province of Alsace" was accomplished. It showed that the Jewish community of Weiterswiller numbered 24 families totaling 94 persons in 1784. The Jewish community n Weiterswiller averaged 25 families between the Revolution and the War of 1870. The imperial decree of July 20th, 1808 imposed the choice of a transmissible surname on the Jews. The statement of names and forenames chosen took place in front of the MAIRE LOUIS SINGER from 1 until 10 November 1808. 105 gave the mayor a permanent surname. From the end of the 19th century, a urbanization started, reducing the community of 30 families in 1885 to 2 families in 1930 (Meyer and Haehnel). The last Jewish marriage in Weiterswiller was celebrated in 1936. The last family (Haehnel) consequently left the village. The synagogue, built in 1869, acts as a private home now. The building was sold in 1950 to an individual and the Aron Hakodesh (the holy Ark) used for the restoration of the synagogue of Mommenheim. has more information in French. .[January 2008]


Cemetery: has photos of the cemetery. Nine Jews of Weiterswiller died in WWII deportation in 1944 in Auschwitz. An inscription at the entrance of the burying ground to their memory mentions "died in deportation" as written on their death certificate.  This community had its burying ground in Orthal, near the road to Weinbourg in 1824, its school and its synagogue.).[January 2008]

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