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A commercial port and naval base on Mediterranean coast in southern France located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur région, the city with a population of 170,000 is the capital of the Var département. During the second half of the 13th century, Jewry represented an important part of the population. In the local Assembly held in 1285, of the 155 participants, eleven were Jewish. They had rights and duties equal to those of other citizens. This auspicious period came to an end roughly in spring of 1348, when rue des Juifs was attacked, the ransacked houses and the Jewry slaughtered. These persecutions probably resulted from the Black Plague epidemic. Later, only a few Jews remained in this community. Among them was Vitalis from Marseilles, a doctor hired by the city in 1440. The community formed in 19th century was small. At the beginning of WWII, some 50 families lived in the city, from which two-thirds were from Alsace. The actual community now is composed in the majority of Jewry native to North Africa. Synagogue: Centre Communautaire Synagogue, Or C.C.I.T.V. Centre Communautaire Israélite de Toulon et du Var 184, av. Lazare Carnot - 83050 TOULON, Tél 04-94-92-61-05. [January 2008]


Carré au Cimetière Ouest Quartier de Lagoubran: [January 2008]