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Also see Trimbach and Mulhouse

(German: Sulz u. Wald). The synagogue dating from 1827 probably replaced an older building and was restored in 1860, then again in 1868. That was demolished in 1897 and replaced with the actual synagogue inaugurated on November 5th of the same year. Seriously harmed during WWII, it was rebuilt with more modest dimensions, the ladies gallery having been abolished. An apartment and a room serving as youth hostel are included. Inaugurated in 1962, it received North African Jews. Soultz replaced Surbourg in 1865 as seat of rabbinate until 1930. [January 2008]


Cemetery: By one report Surbourg and Soultz-sous-Foret and neighboring communities depended on Haguenau to bury their dead. While, according to Scheid, the Jewish burying ground in Haguenau exsited at the start of the 14th century, the Jews of the région Surbourg-Soultz never appear to have had a burying ground. Even at present, communities of Surbourg, Woert s. / S and Goersdorf use the burying ground of Haguenau; By other reports, a cemetery does exist here. has more information about the rabbinate. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it has general information in French.[January 2008]

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