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Also see BISCHWILLER and HAGUENAU. (German: Schirrhofen)


Cimetière juif de Schirrhoffen: In the middle of the 18th century, the Jews of Schirrhoffen buried their dead in the burying ground of Haguenau. They paid a ten-schilling fee to local authorities to bury someone. This fee was abolished after the Revolution, but the Jewish community of Haguenau, which handles all expenses of burials, accepts an annual contribution for the upkeep. On October 21st, 1881 a Jewish burying ground established in Schirrhoffen still exists today, although no Jews remain in the village. It is maintained thanks to the voluntary service of some villagers. This fact constitutes an eloquent evidence of the attachment of the inhabitants of Schirrhoffen at their past and in memory of Jews who lived with them during more than two centuries. Photos, famous persons of the town, and text in French can be found at [January 2008]

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