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(German: Zabern) UPDATE: The presence of Jews in Saverne is confirmed from at least 1334, but the community suffered during Armleder persecutions in 1338. At time of Black Death (1349) only one Jewish family in Saverne, which was compelled to leave. 1689 Census of Jews: Saverne. The Jewish community numbered over 300 at end of the nineteenth century. A new synagogue opened in 1898 at rue du 19 novembre. During World War II, 30 Jews of Saverne died during deportation. has photos and text in French. On the site of the old synagogue, place des Halles, has a memorial marking this synagogue of Strasbourg destroyed by the Nazis in 1940. The German Army occupied and devasted the synagogue Built in 1900 in a mixed style during WWII. has photo of synagogue restored and re-dedicated in 1950. has additional town information. [January 2008]


Place de la Republic was the medieval Jewish graveyard (12 - 14th century). Gravestones from this cemetery are visible in the courtyard of the Museum Notre-Dame near the cathedral. [January 2008]

Cimetière juif de Saverne: Located on rue de Haut-Barr, the cemetery dates from 1632 while the synagogue was dedicated on its site in 1900. This site was called "Sandberg" (hill of sand), then "Judenberg" (Hill of the Jews). At the end of the 17th century, the site was enclosed. In 1751, the cemetery was officially recognized by the Cardinal of Rohan and then by the bishopric of Strasbourg. From the beginning, Jews of neighboring communities and some Lorraine communities also used this cemetery. The cemetery was enlarged in 1962 thanks to the acquisition by the Jewish Consistory of Bas-Rhin of a neighboring plot. The current size is about 1 hectare. Many gravestones are Baroque with a shell motif. The cemetery was damaged during The Revolution. Every year, before Rosh Hashanah, a Yizkor ceremony for the transported is held, 32 members of the community who perished during the Shoah in the presence of civil and religious authorities. On 28th July 2004, vandals daubed swastikas in red and blue paint on 32 gravestones in the Jewish cemetery in Saverne, near Strasbourg. They also daubed satanic cult symbols such as the number 666 on some of them. It is of note that in the past several months there have been a number of incidents of desecrating Jewish cemeteries in Alsace. Following the vandalizing of thirty graves, the Central Consistory of France and the Consistory of the Bas-Rhin organized a ceremony on Monday, August 2nd, 2004 in the burying ground of Saverne. This act of vandalism was far from the first. has photos and text in French describing the site and the vandalism. The tourism office at i This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it has information about the town and presents a tour of the old and new parts of the cemetery and discusses Jewish funeral practices on weekdays and Sundays and holidays. Booking is available at the Tourist Office. [January 2008]

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