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48°38′46″N 7°24′27″E.  Jewish history.

Cemetery and Jewish history [Oct 2013]

(German: Romansweiler) 2008 population was1,155. Located at the foot of Vosges, the village is required passage toward the chain of mountains: Wangenbourg-Engenthal, Dabo, Artzwiller... The forestry economy in decline transformed the village into a residential city open to tourism, thanks to the diversity of the natural areas and the wealth of flora. A synagogue, built in 1738, fell into decline in the 1840s so a new one was constructed in 1849. This one became property of the village in 1956 and acts as the seat of the Music society. A music school operates there today. Purportedly, the town had a cemetery. [January 2008]

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