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In 1077, they speak for the first time about Jewry in Reims. After 1103, the community lived in a street successively named Vicus Judaeorum, rue de Gieu (Jewry) and rue des Elu. The site of the Synagogue would have been in the medieval time period no 18 rue des Elu. Some Jewish families arrived in Reims in 1820, but the community really organized only after 1870 with the arrival of Jews from Alsace and Lorraine. During the 1960s, Jews from North Africa came to establish in Reims. In 1979, the Community celebrated the centenary of its Synagogue and acquired a mikvah in 1991. Synagogue - Association Culturelle Israélite, Centre Communautaire, 49, rue Clovis - 51100 Reims. Tél 03-26-47-68-47 (vers 19h30) [January 2008]


Carré Israélite aux Cimetières du Nord, de l'Est et de la Neuvillette (Reims)

Cimetière Israélite à Epernay

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