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See Bayonne

A number of Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal settled in this vicinity toward the close of the fifteenth century and founded a small community that they called "Beth-El." First under the community of Bayonne, they later refused to submit to its authority. In 1680 a Jew of Peyrehorade, Juan Ibanès (called also Luiz Ordenez and Juan or Abraham de Paredès), who had returned from Spain was seized by the Inquisition and condemned to the stake. A decree of the council of state dated 1684 banished ninety-three Jewish families living at Peyrehorade, Bordeaux, Dax, Bayonne, and Bidache from the kingdom. In 1749 the King of France, on the petition of certain of the Jews themselves, compelled seventy-eight of their poorer coreligionists to leave the cities of Bayonne, Bidache, and Peyrehorade within the space of one month. With only six Jewish persons still residing in the late 1890s and three families in 1904, the synagogue was closed in 1899; but there are three cemeteries, the first established in 1628, the second in 1737, and the third in 1826. The Jewish population in 1904 was two or three families. Sources: Jewish Encyclopedia and others. [January 2008]


1628 Cemetery: One of the first in the département of Landes, it was situated in 1628 "on the road lying between the river that flows from Vignons, the vineyard of Messaultié and the Vergeras, and the foot of the hill of Aspremont." [January 2008]


Early 18th century Cemetery: This site on a piece of land on the road to Lapuyade is situated in the quarter of Lembarussant and replaced the 1628 cemetery. [January 2008]. [January 2008]

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