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The 1675 Niederroedern Vers had strict regulations that forbade Jewry from having synagogues. The first synagogue constructed in 1785 was considered to be too small according to the inventory of 1843 and was replaced with a new one in 1869. This disappeared in 1945 with the Jewish community. [January 2008]

Website of the municipality of Niederroedern

page about the synagogue in Niederroedern )

High resolution photos to the Jewish cemetery in Niederroedern at Wikimedia commons

Michel Rothé / Max Warschawski: Les Synagogues d' Alsace et leur Histoire. Ed. 'Chalom Bisamme' Jerusalem 1992 p. 102.



In 1878, Niederroedern created its own burying ground. [January 2008]

The Jewish dead were buried in Trimbach up in the second half of the 19th century. In 1878 a private cemetery inestablished  Niederroedern is located on the outskirts towards Haguenau and directly linked with the General Cemetery of the village with a separate entrance but no separation of both parts. photos. [Oct 2013]

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