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Coat of arms of Moyeuvre Grande
Moyeuvre GrandeMoyeuvre Grande (France)

Moyeuvre-Grande is a commune in the Moselle department in Lorraine in NE France. Alternate names: Grande Moyeuvre, Moyeuvre, Moyeuvre-Grande, Moyeuvre-la-Grande and German: Grossmövern. 49°15' N 6°02' E, 169.5 miles E of Paris.

1 Jan 2009 population: 8,029. Located on the Orne, a tributary of the Moselle, 15 km SW of Thionville, the place has always been on the French side of the historic Franco-German language border. In 1871, by the Peace of Frankfurt , Germany insisted on the cession of the eastern half of the Lorraine Erzgebietes. Many emigrated to France, even at the onset of industrialization of the region. 1871-1915, the official German name is case-Moyeuvre, then translated into German in 1915-18 into Großmövern. In 1918 the site fell under the Treaty of Versailles in France again. 1940-44, the name was Mövern under German control. Source [June 2011]

A Jewish cemetery dating from 1912 exists.  [January 2008]

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