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Marmoutier displays true Alsatian diversity along RN4, 35 Km in the NW of Strasbourg. Villages with an agrarian landscape - orchards and cultures - and farms architecture of which uses sandstones and half-timberings. Toward the Vosges, meadows meet forests, the relief becomes more marked, houses more rural and stone prevails. Grapevines thrive on the slope of Kopp. The Musée d'Arts et Traditions Populaires de Marmoutier is housed in a 16th-century, half-timbered building and includes a collection of Jewish objects from rural Alsace, a 16th-century mikvah, and a hidden room used as a synagogue when they were illegal in Alsace. Open May 1 to September 30, Sundays and holidays, 10 A.M.-12 P.M. and 2 P.M.-6 P.M. Contact the tourist office for group visits during the week. 6 rue du Général Leclerc, tel: The museum may be able to identify the cemetery used. 1689 Census of Jews: 20. general town information. [January 2008]

Germania Judaica III, 2 P. 852-853.

Pierre Katz: Histoire de la Communauté juive de Marmoutier: click here


Cimetière des Juifs: 18th-20th century burials, located at 8, rue Neuve. Funeral stones are characterized by their simplicity: these are simple slabs, most often sandstone. The oldest tomb is that of Moyse Raphael, rabbi officiating of Marmoutier who died on April 24th, 1799. At the entrance of the graveyard, a memorial carries 14 names to remember the Shoah here. [January 2008]

The still active cemetery was created in 1798 west of the village with the oldest grave that of Moses Raphael, who died on 24 April 1799. A central path leads through the cemetery. The approximately 500 tombs are located on both sides of this road. The cemetery is located outside of the town extension Rue Neuve at the end after it passes under a railway bridge where the path splits. On the right track go 300 meters through the forest directly to the cemetery. photos. [October 2013]

"Musée d'Arts et traditions populaires de Marmoutier" Jewish Department: click here

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