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Also see Biesheim

A first synagogue dated from the beginning of the 18th century and the second from 1866. This one, disused, was acquired by the village in 1981 as a cultural center. [January 2008]

Le Cimetière Juif:

chemin du Moulin, 67390 Mackenheim. Tél: 03 88 58 26 26. This cemetery dating from 1608 is situated in the heart of the Rhenane forest (currently awaiting classification as a landmark). Seemingly, the original members of the Jewish community of Biesheim are buried in Mackenheim. In 1775, Judenschultheiss and Alexander Weil, Schürmverwandter Jude in Grossenbiessen, bought  from the village of Mackenheim ground intended to enlarge their burying ground. photos. [January 2008]

The Jewish cemetery was created in the 16th century or earlier and long considered the central cemetery of several Jewish communities in the area as well as Jewish communities from the area east of the Rhine (especially Breisach-1755). Gravestones from 1669 to 1850 are visible in old parts of the cemetery.The new part of the cemetery is used up to today. Landmarked since 2001. Text by Günter Boll: "the Jewish cemetery at Mackenheim in Alsace. ... known from ancient times as 'Jew garden' created in the 16th century or earlier. Mentioned 1608 on the occasion of a dispute between the 'citizenship of the village Mackenheim' and the feudal institution Christoph Brosinger from Star mountain for the first time on 25 September. A report of the bailiff of Mackenheim, Peter Ernst von Lützelburg to the Episcopal Government in Saverne by June 4, the age of the burial place located on the left bank of the Rhine testified 1629 : After that time the still wild and meandering Rhine swept away a large part of the existing cemetery, Mackenheim and the surrounding villages of Jews obtained Saverne Government agreement to purchase one ' other Allmend square  on the 8 June 1629 '. A further expansion of the cemetery was granted on April 21, 1685. Only a few tombstones exist from before this second expansion; the oldest stone dated '3 Tamuz 429 small census' (2 July 1669). Also the leading Austrian Jews East of the Rhine in old Breisach was on June 4, 1755 on the use of the Mackenheimer cemetery assigned to permit for their own burial place. photos and additional information. The cemetery is located about 2 km east of the town in the middle of a forest. From Centre marked the way to the cemetery by signs (en forêt - Fléché à partir tu centre ville).



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