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987 CE - 1137 CE: Persecution of Jews in Limoges and Rouen. In 1009, Jews were converted by force or expelled from the city after cruel persecution.  At the end of the eleventh century, Jewry returned. Rabbi Ben Samuel BONFILS (Tov Elem) was at the head of the community of Limoges and Anjou in eleventh century. The modern community dates from 1775. Numerous Alsatian Jews found shelter here during WWII. As of 2006, the community numbers about a hundred of souls. A.C.I. et Synagogue Centre Communautaire, 25-27, rue Pierre Leroux - 87000 LIMOGES, Tél 06-73-00-68-08 [January 2008]

Cimetière Municipal de LOUYAT: Jewish Section: A small section of the municipal cemetery was set aside in 1942 for Jewish burials. Most Alsatian Jews moved to the area surrounding Limoges to avoid the Nazi invasion. Members of the municipality helped by setting up the first kosher butcher shop and some other Jewish institutions including a separate area for burying the Jewish dead. Situated to the north of the city proper in Louyat, a little past the northern industrial zone, are two Jewish sections of the Municipal Cemetery. Section 9 (the older) with 49 graves is situated by the surrounding wall. Section "40bis" is in the middle of the cemetery. The superb and well cared for graves' distinctive feature is that numerous inscriptions are done on porcelain plaques. The grave of François REICHENBACH, a famous film maker, is there. The enclosure of the BAZE family has twelve graves. [April 2008]


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