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JUNGHOLTZ: (Guebwiller arrondissement, Haut-Rhin département, Alsace région) 68500. PDF Print E-mail


Also see Hartmannswiller. 47° 53′ 10″ N 07° 11′ 45″ E. (German: Jungholz). The 1999 population was 658. The first mention of Jungholtz dates from 1220 even though the official date is October 1st, 1880. This was before joining Soultz. The tourist influx gave again a new economic vigor after the closing of SACM.From the 17th century, the lords of Jungholtz allow Jews whom they had taken under their protection to worship in one of their houses. has photos and more information in French including the Yeshiva. [January 2008]
· Le Cimetière Israelite de Jungholtz: This graveyard, built in 17th century in the castle of the lords of Jungholtz, is the most ancient jewish cemetery extant in the Haut-Rhin now.Some of the gravestones include that of the rabbi Behr Lehmann (1735-1781) and Elle Reinau (1743-1824) his spouse, in the Cimetière Israelite de Jugholtz: "Here rests an active, fair, honest man, a well of Torah, glory of the sages, Gaon, big Issakhar Ber... "(Artistic and spiritual wealth of the Jewish burying grounds of Alsace, p. 46). Named "First lieutenant rabbi" in the lands of the bishopric of Strasbourg in Haut-Alsace on April 20th, 1763, Issakhar, conscript Behr Lehmann, had his seat in Soultz, where he had married Elle, daughter of the official Jessel Reinau (CM 6.11.1762, Fraenckel p. 433). He had succeeded Hirtz Reinau, first rabbi in Soultz, "reduced to beggary" at the end of his life (count of Haut-Mundat on 1757). Died 25.5.1781, the rabbi Issakhar. [January 2008]


Der israelitische Friedhof in Jungholz: In a document dated of 1772, Hartmannswiller was part of villages with the right to have a Jewish burying ground in Jungholtz. In 1799, the contribution of the Jewish community of Hartmannswiller for the purchase of the burying ground of Jungholtz was 100 francs. In 1868, a document notes that Emmanuel Kahn was part of the board of directors of the burying ground of Jungholtz. [January 2008]

BOOKS: Der israelitische Friedhof in Jungholz , Dr. Moses Ginsburger; Gebweiler: J.Dreyfus, 1904. DS135.F85 J851 1904 At the Leo Baeck Institute: ID about GT 3250 J86 G5. Additional Information: Sulz, 1904. 133 pages, German. 32V2084. Notes: 6 inscriptions, 1831 - 1903, Presidents of the local cemetery commission; list of 570 names of family heads who had in 1779 the right to be buried there, arranged by 35 places. This list includes the family names declared for the 1784 census for Bollweiler, Dornach. 36 listed for Jungholz: Submitted by Mathilde A. Tagger from her book Printed Books on Jewish cemeteries in the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem: an Annotated Bibliography. Jerusalem: The Israel Genealogical Society, 1997. [January 2008]

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