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48° 52′ 25″ N 07° 28′ 40″ E. (German: Ingweiler) The 1999 population was 3,847. Located about 50 km NW of Strasbourg in the area of Hanau, this gateway to the Regional National Park of Northern Vosges is an area extremely rich in both natural and cultural treasures (classed as a World Biosphere Reserve).

general town information. In 1816, the community acquired land fort a synagogue completed in 1822 on remains of the castle of Ingwiller. The Jewish community of Ingwiller reached almost 500 by 1850, but the rabbi was not acknowledged officially. Ingwiller never managed to acquire a rabbinical seat. This place of worship, first a private home, was transformed into a true synagogue by 1870, then enlarged in September 1891 and restored again in 1903. The building is located on Cour du Châ and text in French. [January 2008]

A cemetery exists. [January 2008]

The probably early of19th century Jewish cemetery lies adjoining the General Cemetery on Général Philippot  in the direction of Bitche on the Faubourg (leading to the route de Bitche). The two parts of the cemetery are separated by a wall. The Jewish cemetery is about 2 m higher than the General (Christian) part of the cemetery. photos. [October 2013] 

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