HAGENTHAL-LE-BAS: (arrondissement Mulhouse, Haut-Rhin département, Alsace région) : 68220. Print


Also see see Hégenheim. 47° 31′ 32″ N 07° 28′ 41″ E. (German: Niederhagenthal) 1999 population was 1,001. Hagenthal-le-Bas is located in Sundgau, a dozen kilometers from the agglomeration of Saint-Louis-Bâle. Just a step away from neighboring Hagenthal-le-Haut, the village is at the foot of Wessenberg (529 m.) in the dale of Kirchbach. In 1726, the Sovereign Council of Alsace ordered the destruction of the synagogue constructed without approval at the beginning of the century and rebuilt in 1740. In 1784, Hagenthal was an important Jewish community that numbered 356 Jews. The synagogue was rebuilt in 1804 and restored in 1858-1860 following anti-Semitic riots in 1848 when the synagogue had been ransacked. After WWI, the community disappeared. They had a rabbinate until 1910. The disused synagogue was sold as a store. As well as two villages, Hagenthal-le-Haut and Hagenthal-le-Bas, these two neighboring villages each had a separate Jewish community. Jews lived in these two villages for a long time, including Alexander Nordeman, who lived in Hagenthal-le-Haut in 1695. In 1808 they enumerated 304 Jews. Also, during the census of the Jewish population d ‘Alsace in 1784, they counted 356 in Hagenthal-le-Bas.

CEMETERY: Each community had its own cemetery. http://judaisme.sdv.fr/synagog/hautrhin/g-p/hag-bas.htm has photos of the cemetery and more information in French. As for both burying grounds of Hagenthal, they are inactive. However, here and there, a Jew expresses the wish to be buried in the burying ground of the village where his family had lived in the past . At present, the cemetery of Hagenthal-le-Haut on rue d'Ecole unfortunately is abandoned with the most recent graves from 1904. At least 350 graves.  [January 2008]

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