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See Strasbourg. 48° 26′ 01″ N 07° 29′ 07″ E. The 1999 population was 733. Since ancient time, Goxwiller and its neighbor Bourgheim formed a juridical and religious entity: on the coat of arms, both united circles represent this ancient union. "Villa veterana" is the origin of this village located on the ancient Roman way -- Piedmont. Mentioned a first time in 920 CE (Getenesvillare then Gokesvilre, Gotesviller and finally Goxwiller), the village had in several abbeys, including Niedermunster, until 1522. As the Seigniory of Barr of which it is part, the village was put under the suzerainty of the City of Strasbourg up to Revolution. An agrarian lowland and wine piedmont with traditional craft activities (joinery, clog maker, tannery, and bookbinding) and viticulture are the traditions of Goxwiller. [January 2008]


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