GERSTHEIM: (arrondisement Sélestat-Erstein, Bas-Rhin département, Alsace région) : 67150 Print

Also see ERSTEIN. 48° 22′ 59″ N 07° 42′ 11″ E. The 1999 population was 2,785. Lacking sufficient industry and tourism, an important proportion of border workers exist in the town. This one synagogue become dilapidated and was rebuilt in 1874 at rue du Rhin, then restored in 1883. There remains there only a lithograph of A. Netter showing the inside of the synagogue on the day of the unveiling (October 14th, 1874). [January 2008]

The old Jewish cemetery just outside the village was abandoned since 1940.The 1824 synagogue had been constructed on the site of that cemetery. [January 2008]

French information sheet to the Jewish history in Gerstheim. The still active Jewish cemetery in Gerstheim was laid out in the 18th century. photosSource: (page 3)

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