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47° 14′ 30″ N 5° 13′ 26″ E. The 1999 population was 5,257. is the town's official web site. Genlis is near Dijon. Archeological discoveries confirm the existence of Genlis in Gallo-Roman time. For several centuries, the only economic activity was agrarian, fertile lowland cleaning up the marshes of Tilles from 1612 to 1666. The Romans had created the road that still carries their name. 1830 was crossroads for Genlis with the building of the covered market. The first industry was born in 1850 with the distillery; the railway and the railway station arrived in 1854. The telephone was installed in 1899 and a plant of electricity in 1905. In 1930 the glassware began at St. Gobain's ( ) coherent. Two years later was the arrival of gas power, and another two years afterwards, the agrarian cooperative. [January 2008]


Cimetière Municipal: On 1 November 2004, some 30 graves were defiled with Nazi and anti-Semitic graffiti in the Municipal Cemetery in Genlis. The gravestones were covered with graffiti reading "Death to the Jews", "Jews are whores" "Euthanazi" as well as Nazi symbols and swastikas. [January 2008]

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