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see Avignon. 44° 33' 34" N 06° 04' 43" E. This Alpine crossroads at the intersection of D994 and Route nationale 85 the Route Napoléon, Gap lies 2,406 feet above sea level along the right bank of the Luye River (close to where it joins the Durance River). The region around Gap is known as Gapençais. Originally founded by the Gauls, the Roman emperor Augustus seized the town in 14 BC and renamed it Vapincum. Gap was annexed by the French crown in 1512. Napoleon I left Elba in February of 1815 and had reached Gap on March 15 with 40 horsemen and 10 grenadiers where he had thousands of copies of his Proclamations printed. The whole population of the city accompanied Napoleon when he left Gap. On the recommendation of King René, Count of Provence and Forcalquier, the physician David Levi lived here. In 1445, Raoul, lord of the manor of Gaucourt and governor of Dauphiné granted him the right to practice medicine in the baronies, the counties of Gap and Embrun, and the districts of Champsaur. [January 2008]

Centre Communautaire, Association Cultuelle Beth Maimonide, LE NEPTUNE - 2ème étage, 140, Bd Georges Pompidou - 05000 GAP, Tél 06-10-77-88-96 / 06-11-89-40-74, Fax: 04-92-51-55-75.[January 2008]

See Avignon for possible burials. [January 2008]

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