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49.02 01.15. This commune in NW France and the capital of Eure département has a population of 51,000. An industrial town on the Iton River where metals, textiles, rubber, radio and television parts, and pharmaceuticals are manufactured, the inhabitants are called Ébroicien(ne) (sing.), Ébroicien(ne)s (pl.) In the fourth century CE, the town was named Mediolanum Aulercorum, "the central town of the Aulerci", the Gallic tribe that then inhabited the area. Mediolanum was a small regional center of Roman province of Gallia Lugdunensis. The first known counts of Évreux descended from an illegitimate son of Richard I, duke of Normandy; the comtes d'Évreux became extinct in the male line with the death of Count William in 1118. The modern city name originates from the Gallic tribe of Eburovices (literally Those who overcome by the yew?). Supposedly, a ghost named "Gobelin" haunted Évreux in the twelfth century giving us the modern English word "Goblin" (for which the French is "Gobelin").  Devastated many times during the course of its history, the town was extensively rebuilt following World War II. In the Middle Ages, Evreux was a center of Jewish learning. Administration: M. et Mme Henri CHETRIT, 3, boulevard Chambaudoin - 27000, VREUX. Tél 02-32-33-43-99. [January 2008]


The burial site is unknown at this time. [January 2008]

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