ETTENDORF: (arrondissement of Strasbourg-Campagne, Bas-Rhin département, Alsace région): 7350. [Wingersheim, Mommenheim, and Miottelhausen] Print

Ettendorf was an old community with a synagogue dating from the 17th century. Falling apart in 1866, it was rebuilt in 1867. The community disappeared; and the synagogue was transformed into storage. During the 18th century, Ettendorf was the seat of a big yeshiva. [January 2008]

Cimetière Israelite:

The Jewry of Mittelhausen, as well as of Wingersheim, were buried in the Jewish graveyard of Ettendorf created at the beginning of the fifteenth century. This graveyard was used by 26 Jewish communities as place of entombment. Only at the end of the nineteenth century the Jewish cemetery of Mommenheim opened to the Jewry of Mittelhausen, Wingersheim and Mommenheim. about 59 graves. Folios 2319-2320: (Lower Rhine), 1874. Appeal by the Lower Rhine Consistory for the preservation of the cemetery of Ettendorf, Dec. 30, 1874 at Leo Baeck Institute: Alsace and Lorraine; Jewish communities collection; Storage-Location: OS 47/7, V 6/1, V 7/8, 2nd floor left microfilm cabinet [January 2008]

The cemetery about 500 m north of Ettendorf was created probably before the 15th century on an area of about 18 hectares. Thousands of tombs are scattered over a slope. In 1875, 24 Jewish communities used the cemetery. Article in the magazine "The Israelite" by March 24, 1875: "Call in favor of the Jewish burial place to Ettendorf (Alsace).

Beloved brethren! The burial site to Ettendorf is indisputably located under the dating from the middle ages venerable thinking maeklern of Jewish Alsatian, should that we deserve a respectful sympathy, and maintaining expensive to us. 
This sacred piece of land with its several hundred years old stones that us to the dark times remember, in which the company encountered, deprived of air and space, could only live and die, the Earth scattered Israelites from where intolerance of then the company allows them, has served formerly almost all Jewish communities of lower Alsace to the resting place and is now for 24 municipalities in this area, who here bury their dead a common cemetery,. 
Here you find the earthly remains of many famous rabbis and others through their knowledge and their piety of excellent fellow-believers, whose Gräber to be expensive to us and received by our concern by the destruction of the people and the time. 
To get there, major repairs, the acquisition of a new terrain and a wall around this vast burial ground are inevitable, costing approximately 40,000 FRS. require a provisional estimate, an enormous issue that exceeds the powers and resources of communities, because most of them are small and poor, and do not even have sufficient income to the salary of a Calhoun, a teacher, even to maintain of the synagogue to deny. 
In this sad situation, the administration of mentioned burial place in the need finds offset, to turn to the Jewish communities of all countries and to ask her urgently, by voluntary offerings help to come to you, that be below management able to reach the target of her. 
The preservation of this cemetery is of general interest for a large number of our fellow-believers; many israeltiische families from France, Germany, itself from America get periodically there, to the venerable graves of her parents, whose Gebeine here to rest, to pray, as well as on those pious and famous men, whose Andenken is equally expensive for them. 
The undersigned administration thanks to the advance all those, who appreciate its appeal and which hurry to give them support. The God of the Israelites bless them! 
Buxweiller (Bouxwiller), August 21, 1875. 
Levy Aron, President H.L.. Dreyfuß, Rabbi j. Wolff, Rabbi S. Levy, Rabbi 
Mathias levy. P. Kramer. CAIM Leopold. Benjamin Wolff. Moses levy N. Weiler
P.S. The gifts may be reported Levy Aron, President of the Administrative Commission of the Jewish burial place to Ettendorf, Mr in Buxweiller (Alsace), which is tasked to lay them down in a public fund. 
The Jewish consistory of the Alsace confirmed the absolute truth of the preceding call and recommends all charitable hearts of the support application of supervisory and Management Commission of the Jewish burial place to Ettendorf. 
Strasbourg, December 30, 1874. 
The members of the consistory: 
Arnaud Aron, Chief Rabbi, President. Nathan SchwartzLéon Blum Abraham, Adolph reputationLeonard levy, Secretary. "

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