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51°02′18″N, 02°22′39″E. (Dunkirk: English, Duinkerke: Dutch) Dunkerque is a harbour city and a commune in the northernmost part of France, 10 kilometres (6 mi) from the Belgian border Until the middle of the 20th century the city was situated in the Dutch language area; today the local Dutch dialect (West Flemish) still can be found but has been largely replaced by French.  Population of the city (commune) at the 1999 census was 70,850 inhabitants (71,300 inhabitants as of February 2004 estimates). Population of the whole metropolitan area was 265,974 inhabitants at the 1999 census. Dunkirk was first mentioned in 1067 as Dunkerk Dutch "duin" (dune) and "kerk" (church) or Dune Church. The area was much disputed by Spain, England, the Netherlands and France. In the Eighty Years' War the port was the base of the infamous Dunkirkers: private shipowners (reders in Dutch) operated whole privateer fleets to intercept merchants from countries hostile to the Spanish Habsburgs. The Dunkirkers briefly lost their home port, as the city was conquered by the French in 1646 but recaptured by the Habsburgs in 1652. In 1657, as a result of war between Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth and the Kingdom of Spain, it was captured by English forces, and was awarded to England in the peace the following year. It became definitively French when Charles II of England sold it to France for £320,000 on 17 October 1662. During the reign of Louis XIV, a large number of commerce raiders again had their base at Dunkirk, Jean Bart being the most famous for attacking Dutch ships. The Man in the Iron Mask was also arrested in Dunkirk. Dunkirk's role in WWII is well known. Dunkirk has the third largest harbour in France, after those of Le Havre and Marseille. It is also an industrial city, heavily dependent on the steel, food processing, oil refining, ship building and chemical industries. Dunkirk has a ferry connection with Dover. Synagogue: 19, rue Jean Bart - 59140 DUNKERQUE. [January 2008]


Cimetière Carré Israélite : Route de Furnes - 59140 DUNKERQUE [January 2008]

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