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Saverne may have more information. 48°56′32″N 7°11′15″E

On the Street of the Jews (Rue de les Juifs), the synagogue was constructed in 1867 to replace a room that had been used for services. Demolished in the 18th century at the request of the lord because he promised to construct another one. The Revolution stopped this plan. Thus, a Jewish school founded in 1862  acted as a synagogue in winter. The synagogue was restored in 1906 and vandalized during WWII. Returned for worship in 1947, an ancient mikvah was restored. photos. M. Gilbert MULLER - Tél: 03 88 00 41 41 is responsible for the sites. [January 2008]

  • Cemetery has at least 250 graves. [January 2008]
  • The still active cemetery was created probably in the 18th century right next to the (defined later) General Cemetery of the community. photos. [October 2013]

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