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Also see Strasbourg and Barr

48° 19' 29'' N 07° 25' 41'' E. (German: Dambach) A town and commune NW of Sélestat, on the eastern slopes of the Vosges Mountains, had a 1999 population of 1,973. Famous for Chapel San Sebastián with granite walls and its three towers, red tile roofs of houses gripping the bulwark, grapevines climbing slopes, a small tourist train and their vintage called Frankstein. Named from eleventh century, Dambach-la-Ville became a fortified episcopal city in the 14th century. In alleyways are buildings from all periods: houses with wooden sections of the Middle Ages, stone Renaissance buildings from the War of the Peasants, houses of the 17th century rebuilt after the Thirty Years War, big cellars representing flourishing viticulture in 18th century. The city was teeming with wine and craft activities: winegrowers, coopers, potters, bakers, blacksmiths, dealers, and cartwrights. Its first synagogue dating from 1850 in a dilapidated state was replaced in 1866 with the current building. This one, due to the diminished the community, was gifted to the village of Dambach in 1947. Dambach was seat of a rabbinate that was transferred to Barr in 1910. is the town's tourism site. [January 2008]



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