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International Jewish Cemetery Project - France A-M

About 600 graves total. Some desecration occurred in May 1990. Source: World Jewry , World Jewish Congress 10/1995.

"CEMETERY DESECRATORS SENTENCED IN FRANCE". A Jewish Telegraphic Agency report by Lee Yanowitch stated that a French court sentenced on April 24th [1999?] "Four neo-Nazis for the 1990 desecration of thirty-five graves at a Jewish cemetery in the southern town of Carpentras. The court sentenced Olivier Fimbry, 26, and Patrick Laonegro, 29, who were identified as the ringleaders, to two years in prison, the maximum penalty under the law. Two other skinheads, Yannick Garnier and Bertrand Nouveau, both 27, each received twenty-month sentences for their roles." Source: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Also see Kramer, Jane. "The Carpentras Affair." The New Yorker , Nov 6, 2000, pp.58-75. "...the oldest Jewish cemetery in use in Europe." The story concerns 1990 desecration in the cemetery and discusses the Jewish community. [March 2002]

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