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Also see Bourg en bresse AND Caluire et Cuire
45° 44' 22" N 04° 54' 50" E. Bron is approximately 10 km east of Lyon and is the sixth-largest suburb of the city, adjacent to its east side. The earliest traces of life in Bron can be found in the cemetery and date from 71 BCE. The town as it is today did not take shape until approximately 1812. Bron was spared much of the damage caused by the riots in many of France's suburbs in the 1990s. has town information and pictures in French. A.C.I. et Synagogue, Centre Communautaire, 97, rue de la Pagère - 69500 BRON, Tél 04-78-41-88-33. [January 2008]


Cimetière Municipal de BRON: Jewish Section [January 2008]


Saint Genis-Laval : Bron, cimetière national de la Doua à Villeurbanne, Pont d'Orieu (Chatillon d'Azergues) [January 2008]

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