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BISCHEIM: 67800. (Bas-Rhin département, Alsace région) [ Ettendorf,Hoenheim,Mackenheim, and Rosenwiller] PDF Print E-mail

48°36′52″N 7°45′10″E. Also see Strasbourg and Rosenwiller

From Strasbourg, go north on Route de Bischwiller (4 kilometers). has photos and text only in French. Local Jewish museum and mikvah: Cour des Boecklin at 17 rue Nationale, 67800 Bischheim. Tel: +33 (0)3 88 81 49 47, Fax: +33 (0)3 88 81 61 53. The mikvah has restored spiral staircase from the 16th century. The David Sintzheim Hall has ritual items as well as the history of the Jewish community of Bischheim (for a long time, one of the largest of Bas-Rhin), but the community probably used Rosenwiller's cemetery part of the time. Bischheim's Jews traded or worked in Strasbourg long before becoming a town with Jewish identity in and of itself. Historical documents from the beginning of the 17th century show Jewish presence. Well-known is Cerf-Berr of Médelsheim and his family, purveyor to armies, who was established in Bischheim even before The Revolution (by 1750). His predominant role in the emancipation of Jews and philanthropic work was well known. The 1774 Jewish population was 39 families and 210 inhabitants. In 1784, that number rose to 473 individuals in 79 families. An imperial decree dated July 20th, 1808 made the Jews adopt fixed surnames in the Registry office. In 1850, the Jewish population was 759. In 1936, the community joined with Jews residing in Schiltigheim to number 149 persons. 25 Jews disappeared between 1940 and 1944. In 1959, 52 families lived here. The Community of Hoenheim joined Bischheim recently. The synagogue and community center are located at 9 Place de la Synagogue. A Sephardic community exists at 1 route de Brumath. A museum has very ancient objects of worship and a ritual bath older still on Court de Boecklin. [January 2008]


between Rue Nationale, rue de Saules. 67800 Balcha maison. Until 1797, Bischheim burials also were in the big burying grounds of Ettendorf and Rosenwiller. Since then, the cemetery belonging to the community is on the edge of the village nearest Hoenheim. Very old graves are still visible. photo of the Holocaust Memorial. [This gives conflicting information: Originally, members of the Jewish community of Biesheim were buried in Mackenheim. In 1775, Jews in Grossenbiessen bought ground from the village of Mackenheim intended to enlarge their graveyard which existed in 1608.] The actual cemetery at Bischheim dates from 1803. photos. [January 2008]

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