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By 1720, the Jewry of Biesheim constructed a synagogue, without approval, to replace the place of worship located in a home. The Sovereign Council of Alsace ordered its destruction in 1726 so only by 1830 was there a synagogue, which was replaced by a new building in 1867. During WWII, it was used as storehouse of materials and was destroyed in February 1945 by bombing. The ruins and site were sold to the village. has photos and information in French. [January 2008]

Le Cimetière Juif: Seemingly, the original members of the Jewish community of Biesheim are buried in Mackenheim. In 1775, Judenschultheiss and Alexander Weil, Schürmverwandter Jude in Grossenbiessen, bought from the village of Mackenheim ground to enlarge their burying ground that already existed in 1608. The actual Jewish burying ground of Biesheim dates only from 1803. [January 2008]

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