Valga was a town that was divided between Latvia and Estonia after they were granted independence in 1918. The cemetery that was in the Estonian section may or may not still exist. Source: Len Yodaiken: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .il

Alternate names: Valga [Est], Walk [Ger], Valk [Rus], Valka [Latv], Walga,In South Estonia on the Latvia border, 124 SSE of Tallinn. Valka (Latvia) and Valga (Estonia) are parts of the same town formerly called Valk, Livonia, Russia that was split by the Latvian-Estonian border in 1920. Nearby communities with Jewish population: Nearby Jewish Communities: Valka, Latvia 2 miles ;  Smiltene, Latvia 24 miles SS;  Ape, Latvia 28 miles SE;  Valmiera, Latvia 28 miles WSW; Rūjiena, Latvia 28 miles WN. [February 2009]

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