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(Yuriev, Dorpat)

See photo of synagogue and more information. Synagogue dates from 1883. In the 1930s about 100 Jews studied at Tartu University: 44 studied law and 18 medicine. In 1934 a chair was established in the School of Philosophy for Judaic Studies. Five Jewish student.societies existed in Tartu: Academic Society, Women's Student Society Hazfiro, Corporation Limuvia, Society Hasmonea and the Endowment for Jewish Students. All had its own libraries and played important roles in Jewish cultural and social life. Political organizations such as Hasomer Hazair and Beitar were established. Kibbutzim of 'Kfar Blum' and 'Ein Gev' were set up in part by Jews from Estonia. Jewish population in 1930 was 920. [February 2009]

  • Oldest Cemetery: Founded in 1859 and closed in 1895. The cemetery has not been preserved. Only a few stone plates remain.
  • Roosi Street Cemetery: In 1895, the city government allocated a free plot for the Jewish cemetery on Roosi Street. The last burials were after W.W.II. Names include Kropman, Ferkin, Kahn, Bakst, and Flakst. Many of the stones are of great artistic value. The cemetery is maintained, but the fence and tombstones are in need of urgent repairs.
  • Rapina-newest cemetery: On Rapina highroad is the third Jewish cemetery built in 1935. Most burials were after W.W.II. At the entrance to the cemetery, a building has room for ceremonies, a watchman's apartment, and a storeroom. The cemetery is fenced, with part of the fence at the entrance reconstructed with funds from the Swedish Jewish Community. The rest of the fence requires reconstruction, as well as the building itself, which was damaged in a fire in 1998. The local Jewish community takes care of the cemetery.

    Tartu's three Jewish cemeteries: [February 2001]
    Source for Tartu: Cilja Laud, Chairwoman of the Community, The Jewish Community of Tartu from data forwarded by the US Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad.
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