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For information on the Jewish community and congregations of Ramsgate, see Ramsgate on JCR-UK.


  • Ramsgate Jewish Cemetery, Upper Dumpton Park Road, Ramsgate CT11

The plot was acquired by Benjamin Norden in 1872 and presented by him to the Jewish inhabitants of Ramsgate for use as a cemetery. It was extended in 1913. Prior to the establishment of the cemetery, Sephardi Jewish residents of Ramsgate generally used the cemeteries in the London End Cemeteries and the Ashkanazi used the cemetery in Canterbury. The cemetery is administered by Spanish & Portugues Jews' Congregation of London, to whom it was transferred by Norton's son, Joseph in 1867. It contains some 400 burials. Source: David Shulman, Webmaster JCR-UK [June 2016]

Benedict Kelly and Gerald Tripp, two local Ramsgate historians, compiled a history of Ramsgate entitled "Ramsgate Jewish Cemetery 1872 - 2016". The book includes a brief history of the cemetery dating from 1872, a verbatim transcription of the cemetery register, a list of memorial inscriptions taken from legible gravestones and some obituaries and death notices of those interred from contemporaneous newspapers. The 76 page book 10 pounds and can be purchased from http://www.eastcliff.co.uk/Books.htm. Further queries should be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .[July 2016]

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  • (The Thanet & District Reform Synagogue, centred in Ramsgate, shares with the Margate Hebrew Congregation the Cemetery at Manston Road, Margate. See under Margate.)



Montefiore Mausoleum: Sir Moses Montefiore built the Montifiore Synagogue in Ramsgate in 1833. Montefiore (died 28 July 1885) and his wife, Lady Judith (died 24 September 1862), are buried next to the synagogue in the Mausoleum, which is a replica of the Tomb of Rachel.

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