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Catherington Lane Cemetery: Current burial ground dates from 1980 and is a section of the municipal cemetery at Catherington Lane, Horndean, about eight miles north of Portsmouth. Source: The Jewish Travel Guide, 1992; London: Jewish Chronicle. Richard Cooper of Gosport, Hants, England


Main Cemetery: Solely Jewish burials are in Fawcett Road, Southsea, Portsmouth. This has graves from before 1800 until around 1970-80. The cemetery is in a street that was known as Jews' Lane. It is the oldest in the Provinces still used for interment of Jews.

The cemetery was acquired in 1749 and is the oldest in the Region still in use. IFawcett Road has been known for more than 200 years as Jews' Lane. [Jewish Year Book 2005]


New Road, Kingston, Cemetery: Jewish section used temporarily around 1900-1910. This has about 100 Jewish graves. For further information write to Mrs. Y. Davis, Secretary, Portsmouth and Southsea Hebrew Congregation, the Thicket, Portsmouth PO5 2AA, Great Britain. Richard Cooper of Gosport, Hants, England