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For information on the now defuct Jewish community of Penzance, see Penzance on JCR-UK


  • Paul Cemetery, Jewish Section, Paul, near Penzance, TR19 6UD.

The Cornish authorities have recently allotted to Kehillat Kernow (the Cornish Jewish Community) a special area at this municipal cemetery (as well as two other cemeteries), specifically for Jewish burials. See Cornwall section of IAJGS Cemetery Project [David Shulman, Webmaster JCR-UK, June 2016].


  • Penzance Old Jewish Cemetery, between 19 and 20 Leskinnick Terrace, Penzance:

There is an historic walled Georgian Cemetery, with approximately 50 headstones. It can be accessed by way of a passageway between 19 and 20 Leskinnick Terrace, right at end of arch, cemetery on the left (Access by road unsuitable for cars.)  Keys held by a Mr. Kieth Pearce phone +44 1736 368778. It is one of the disused cemeteries administered by the Board of Deputies of British Jews - General enquiries to the Board's Community Issues Division.  [Jewish Year Book 2005]

"The Jews of Cornwall - A History - Tradition and Settlement to 1913" by Kieth Pearce published by Halsgrove, 2014 (which revised and updated "The Lost Jews of Cornwall", edited by Keith Pearce and Helen Fry, published by Redcliff Press Ltd, 2000), contains full transcriptions of the gravestones (and, where known, family relationships and other information) in respect of the Jewish cemetery in Penzance. [source: David Shulman, Webmaster JCR-UK, 2005, 2016]

Kehillat Kernow may have more information. [October 2013]

See Jewish Cemeteries in the West of England by Rabbi B. Susser (part of the Susser Archive) [source: David Shulman, Webmaster  JCR-UK, 2005].

"The tiny, hidden Jewish cemetery in Penzance. Up until 1913 Penzance had its own synagogue on New Street. But it seems this year marked the departure of the last of Penzance's small Jewish community. The history of Penzance's Jewish community dates back to the 1720s reaching a zenith of around 15 to 20 families. It is thought the cemetery was established in about 1750 and expanded over the years with walls being added in the 19th century." The plot first appeared on maps in 1841." photograph. [Source; Cornwall Guide]

Working to preserve lost Jewish history in Penwith. Article from West Briton 12 February 2010.

See also Cemetery Scribes - Penzance [October 2013].

UPDATE] The restoration of the Penzance Jewish Cemetery has been completed and a ceremony of rededication of the Cemetery was held on 18 May 2016 [source: David Shulman, Webmaster JCR-UK, June, 2016.

Photograph from Facebook [April 2016]



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