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For Jewish Community Information, see Leeds on JCR-UK. The third largest Jewish community in the United Kingdom.

For details of Leeds Jewish Cemeteries, contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it on 0113 269 7520. Tel: 0113 269 7520.

For the Jewish Community in Knaresborough (near Leeds) prior to 1290, see Medieval Knaresborough on JCR-UK

"On May 12, 1840, a plot of land in the Gelderd road was granted by the Earl of Cardigan for a cemetery, which plot was afterward enlarged, and ... belongs to the Old Hebrew Congregation (the "Great Synagogue") in Belgrave street." Read more. [September 2010]

  • "Leeds Jewish Cemetery: 0113 269 7520. "Murray Freedman wrote a paper (Shemot Journal of JGS of Great Britain, Spring 1993, Vol 1 no 2, p. 11-13) on the history of the Leeds Jewish community and local genealogical resources.
  • 'Deciphering an Old Gravestone in Leeds' (in Shemot, Oct 1994, Vol 2: No 4, p7) He has a database, totaling more than 12,000, made up from surviving burial records from 1840's to 1990. He has also produced a booklet of the 8,000 Jewish listings in the 1891 census. He can provide disks of this and the previous five censuses (1841 to 1891). He has a database of some 4,500 marriages made up from the surviving marriage registers from 1842 to the 1950's available on disks."  Source and contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Leeds burial records:

Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Hilltop Cemetery
Louis Street Cemetery
Mariempoler (Old Central) Cemetery
New Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Cemetery
New Briggate Cemetery
New Farnley Cemetery
Psalms of David Cemetery
United Hebrew Congregation Cemetery

New Farnley Cemeteries. 717 Whitehall Road, Leeds LS12 6JL. Building. photos. [September 2010]

Etz Chaim Cemetery: Etz Chaim's cemetery is New Farnley Cemetery on Whitehall Road and includes New Central Vilna, Psalms of David and Etz Chaim Synagogue members.

Psalms of David Hebrew Congregation Cemetery, Hill Top, Gelderd Road, New Farnley: "In 1935 the [Psalms of David] congregation acquired its own cemetery at Hill Top, Gelderd Road." [Source - "Leeds Jewry - A History of its Synagogues" by Murray Freedman,1995.]

Harehills Cemetery: "At that time [1960's], a plot of land for a cemetery was made available for the [Sinai (Reform)] congregation at Harehills Cemetery." [Source - "Leeds Jewry - A History of its Synagogues" by Murray Freedman,1995.] Sinai Synagogue has a Jewish section within the Harehills Cemetery. Tel: 0113 2673188 Kimberley Road, Leeds LS9 6LZ. Map/Directions

Hilltop Jewish Cemetery: (Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Hilltop Cemetery burial records) The cemetery has been closed due to subsidence causing the ground to collapse and engineers branding it dangerous. The structural problems are thought to be caused by the labyrinth of coal minimg tunnels and mine shafts lying below the site. [February 2010] Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Cemetery, Gildersome. [Jewish Year Book 1955]

"October 10, 2008 Hilltop cemetery in Leeds has been closed to the public for a second time after Leeds City Council civil engineers classified the Gelderd Road site as dangerous. Two years ago, the collapse of a grave and gravestone forced Leeds Jewish Orthodox Cemeteries to close the cemetery for repairs. Hilltop reopened in June 2007 with assurances about its safety. But further subsidence has created more dangerous conditions." Source and additional information. Cemetery dates from 1870s. [September 2010]

JCR-UK has added records of the burials, including photographs of all the headstones, in the Hilltop Jewish Cemeteries, which cemeteries were generally in use from from 1875 to 1970 (with some later burials). These records may be searched at Leeds Hilltop Cemeteries. [Source: Webmaster JCR-UK - July 2012]

Leeds Jewish Workers' Co-operative Society Cemetery, New Farnley:"A cemetery on land purchased by the new organization [then called the Leeds Jewish Workers' Burial Society and Trading Society] in New Farnley, was opened on 12th May 1901 by Paul Hirsch J.P. in the presence of Rabbis Herzog and Sinson, and Revs. Kahn and Menkin (of Bradford)." [Source - "Leeds Jewry - A History of its Synagogues" by Murray Freedman,1995.]

Louis Street Hebrew Congregation Cemetery, New Farnley.  [Jewish Year Book 1955]

New Briggate Hebrew Congregation Cemetery (Hill Top Cemetery), Gelderd Road, Gildersome:"In 1873, the [New Briggate] congregation purchased a plot in Gelderd Road for its own cemetery, now known as the Hill Top Cemetery. [Source - "Leeds Jewry - A History of its Synagogues" by Murray Freedman,1995.]

Old Central Hebrew Congregation Cemetery, Gildersome.  [Jewish Year Book 1955]

United Hebrew Congregation Cemetery, Gelderd Road, Gildersome:

"[Gabriel Davis, the Leeds Great Synagogue's first president,] was also instrumental in obtaining from the Earl of Cardigan in 1837, the land in Gelderd Road, Gildersome, for the first Jewish cemetery [in Leeds] which opened in 1840."  In 1880's, ".....the cemetery in Gelderd Road, although extended, was very quickly filling up and a search for land was made.....some cheaper land actually adjoining the existing Gelderd Road cemetery became available and was purchased for £300." [Source - "Leeds Jewry - A History of its Synagogues" by Murray Freedman,1995.]

"Arrangements have been made between ...[the Leeds Old Hebrew C]ongregation and the newly-formed congregation at Doncaster whereby the former are granting burial facilities in their cemetery at Gildersome. A similar arrangement existed with Bradford until the congregation acquired a site of its own, and is still in operation with the York Congregation." [Jewish Chronicle 26 June 1914, page 32 - Source: Harold Pollins]

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