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  • Salthouse Lane Jews Old Burial Ground, Star Lane, Ipswich IP4

Oldest legible headstone dates from 1803. Cemetery closed in 1854.  There are about 35 headstones. Totally enclosed by high Wall. Has been administered by the Board of Deputies of British Jews since 1915. - general enquiries to the Board's Community Issues Division. [David Shulman, JCR-UK Webmaster, 2007]

"Cemetery acquired in 1796 still extant in Green Man Lane (cf. TJHS - Vol II 106 )." [Source: Jewish Year Book 1935.

Located in a yard of private company, which was BOCM Pauls Ltd.

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  • Ipswich Old Cemetery, Jewish Section, Cemetery Lane Ipswich IP4

In use from 1855. Latest burial 1985. There are, according to local authorty records, about 30 burials, but only about half that number of headstones are visible. Those interred include Rabbi Solomon Schiller-Szinessy (1821-1890) and his wife Sarah (died 1901). [David Shulman, JCR-UK Webmaster, 2007]

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