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For information on the Jewish community of Cheltenham, see Cheltenham on JCR-UK


  • Cheltenham Jewish Burial Ground, Elm Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, some 15 miles from the town centre.. The cemetery dates from 1824. [Source: Jewish Year Book 2005]

"[The] cemetery was purchased in Worcester Row on 30 November 1824. In 1835, 1839, 1845, 1860, and possibly 1892, further land was bought adjoining the original burial ground. The earliest legible gravestone dates from 1833, though a Hebrew wall plaque commemorates a four-month-old child who died in May 1822, i.e. 30 months before the cemetery was purchased. ......... The ground is still in use and is a walled plot on the corner of Elm Street and Malvern Street, Cheltenham. There are some 79 legible inscriptions of the nineteenth century. Source: Jewish Cemeteries in the West of England by Rabbi B. Susser (available on JCR-UK as part of the Susser Archive) [David Shulman, Webmaster JCR-UK, July 2016]

The oldest part of the cemetery is the top half running from the side with the ohel and caretaker's house. The oldest tombstones clearly face in two double rows into what was the central path running through the centre of the cemetery. As in other cemeteries this relict boundary also seems to be indicated by a tree. Source: jtrails Places of Interest, which includes a detailed description of the Cemetery. [July 2016]

See also Cemetery Scribes - Cheltenham. [January 2017]


  • Liberal Jewish Section, Cheltenham Cemetery, Bouncer's Lane, Prestbury, Cheltenham. Opened in April 2009, designated burial ground of the Gloucestershire Liberal Jewish Community. [David Shulman, Webmaster JCR-UK, July 2016]

"Liberal Jews gathered to celebrate the consecration of the county's [Gloucestershire's] first all-inclusive Jewish cemetery. More than 30 members of Gloucestershire's Liberal Jewish Community attended a ceremony at Cheltenham Cemetery, in Bouncer's Lane, to mark the opening of their own designated burial ground. It means Jews of all denominations and people of mixed faith can be buried side-by-side in a recognised Jewish burial ground in the county for the first time. It also allows Jews to be cremated ..."   [Source: 21 April 2009, Gloucestershire Live website]


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