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For Community Information, see Canterbury on JCR-UK.

There was a old Jewish Cemetery in Canterbury in use from some time after 1177 until 1290. Jewry Lane and the old cemetery near St. Dunstan's Street are reminders of the past when Jews resided here. [January 2001].

Canterbury Jewish Cemetery: Entrance at the end of passageway between 26 and 28 Whitstable Road.  It is one of the disused cemeteries administered by the Board of Deputies of British Jews - general enquiries to the Board's Community Issues Division (see above). [Jewish Year Book 2005]  
Canterbury Jewish Cemetery burial list compiled by Michael Jolles from ' Samuel Isaac, Saul Isaac and Nathaniel Isaacs ' by Michael Jolles, published in 1998. The names of those interred are in chapter 58, pages 287-293. Source: Michael Jolles, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . [23 March 2002]
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