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For information on the Jewish community and congregations of Birmingham, see Birmingham on JCR-UK.

CEMETERIES [Source: David Shulman, Webmaster JCR-UK]:

  • Jewish Burial Ground in The Froggery (now site of New Street Railway Station).

Situated in the garden of one of Birmingham's earliest known synagogues and in use from at least 1730. Probably closed about 1766 (on opening of Granville Street Cemetery).


  • Granville Street Burial Ground (near the Canal).

Opened about 1766, as successor to the cemetery in The Froggery, and in use to 1825. Some of the remains were reinterred in the Witton Old Cemetery in 1876, when site redeveloped for railway use.


  • Betholom Row Jewish Burial Ground, between Bath Row and Islington Row (Opposite Five Ways Station), Edgbaston, Birmingham B15.

Name corruption of the Hebrew "Bet Olam" meaning "House of Eternity", a term used for a cemetery. Opened about 1823 and closed many years ago. Site has been neglected and access is not generaly available. Cemetery records have been lost.


  • Witton Old Jewish Cemetery, The Ridgeway, College Road, Erdington, Birmingham B23.  Tel: +44 121 356 4615.

A section of the municipal cemetery contiguatios with the main cemetery. In use from 1869 and was consecrated on February 14th, 1871 [Jewish Year Book, 1910]. Includes obelist commemorating remains were reinterred from Granville Street Cemetery in 1876 and fragments of headstones from Betholom Cemetery. Burial records extant from 1872.


  • Witton New Jewish Cemetery, Warren Road, Birmingham B44

A separate section of the municipal cemetery on the other side of College Road. Cemetery in use and shared by Orthodox and Progressive Jewish congregations.


  • Brandwood End Cemetery, Jewish Section: Woodthorpe Road, Kings Norton, Stirchley, B 14.  Enquiries : tel: +44 121 643 0884

Opened in 1918. Acquired by the Birmingham New Synagoguein a section of the Non-conformisr burial ground.

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