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For Community Information, see Birmingham on JCR-UK.

"The first synagogue of which there is any record was in The Froggery in 1780. But there was a Jewish cemetery in the same neighborhood in 1730."  [Jewish Year Book, 2005.] "...since which time three subsequent cemeteries have been consecrated - one in Granville street, near the Canal, another between Bath and Islington rows, in a thoroughfare which has consequently come to be known as Betholom row, and the present cemetery at Witton, which was consecrated on February 14th, 1871." [Jewish Year Book, 1910.]


Brandwood End Cemetery: Kings Heath, Birmingham 14.  Enquiries : tel: +44 121 643 0884


Witton Cemetery: The Ridgeway, College Road, Erdington, Birmingham 23.  Tel: +44 121 356 4615


[UPDATE] Birmingham's Locked-up and Abandoned Cemetery [October 2016]

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