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Armenia is a municipality in the Sonsonate department with over 24,000 residents.Wikipedia [Feb 2016]

Nahuizalco is a municipality in the Sonsonate department on the "flowers route" (Ruta de las Flores), 9 km from Sonsonate and 74 km from San Salvador, at 540 m above sea level on the southern part of the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range.Wikipedia. [Feb 2016]

In addition to approximately 60 families in the Jewish community of El Salvador, three smaller groups of Jews living in the south-central part of the country in the towns of Armenia, San Salvador and Nauisalco. 260 men, women and children, most descended from Spanish/Portuguese émigrés fleeing the Spanish Inquisition, embraced their Jewish roots and are following an Orthodox life style. The rest are Jews by choice. [Feb 2016]


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